"We live, bleed and breathe for music: it's more than words, melodies and notes mixed up together, music is our lifeblood, music is where we thrive!"

Soldiers Of A Wrong War formed in February 2007. Since the very beginning the guys took seriously their musical interests and after a few months they started to write their own music. After almost a year the band began recording their material in studio, recording at first a three tracks EP in 2009 and then, on January 2011, their first full length album, "Lights & Karma". Both of the releases were completely self funded. From the new album are available two singles and music videos: "Save Me" and "Dreamers". On October 7th 2014, the band released a new EP, “Slow”, made of three tracks. Along with the EP, they release a new video for the single “Slow”.

The band is currently writing their new songs and is looking for a good management and label that could give them the chance to bring their music to as many people as possible.


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