When we wrote this song we were like: "This stuff sounds insanely like one of those rock'n'roll songs that make you wanna instantly dance and have fun!". If you listen to the song, you can feel influences from the old school rock'n'roll scene of the mid-'60s, early-'70s, mixed with some alternative rock vibes from the 90s. The catchphrase in the refrain, which is "It doesn't make much sense but i like it", basically represents the world we live in today: the infosphere is flooded with tons of contents through social media every single day and it looks like you really don't need a reason to like something. Even if it doesn't make sense, if you see that people share it, than it seems that you have to like it automatically and you just go with the flow, trapped in a system which seems to be designed to decode ourselves and bring our individuality to a point where it's nearly extinct. Is this what we really want?